About Me

Are you tired of biege, fawn, oatmeal, sand, camel and tan interiors? ... Me frickin' too!

I'm Amy, textile artist, actor, mother, partner, saturated colour lover.

Mamy hews was born from my two passions: bold colour and sustainability.

After studying colour and design and researching the fabric industry's waste contribution (you don't want to know) I decided to create a textile homewares brand that makes cushions, ottomans and window coverings all from high quality recycled fabrics sourced locally from second hand shops in the form of shirts, pants, linens... or whatever they got.

Each piece is one of a kind in both materials and design. All my fabric scraps are used as filling in the ottomans, allowing my practice to be waste free leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

I believe in the power of colour to invigorate and inspire. Through my work I invite you to embrace colour in your home and spirit every day.